We remain dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future; to creating a world that is fairer, more diverse, more tolerant, more just

Virginia M (Ginni) Rometty, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


IBM 2017 performance:

  • Revenue: $79.1 billion

  • Operating pre-tax income: $12.9 billion

  • Operating EPS $13.59

A constant state of innovation

This will be an era of man to the power of machine: not man versus machine, but man and machine. In addition to technological change, this new age requires us to change how we do our work

Technology has to be more than smart

Technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will change the world. But only if they can be effectively trained, trusted and applied.

Together with it's clients, IBM is putting smart to work.

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