IBM Security Shield Blue5

Traditional security defenses are no match for today’s unrelenting well-funded attackers, while disruptive technologies introduce new vulnerabilities to exploit. Organizations must accelerate their ability to limit new risk and apply intelligence to stop attackers – regardless of how advanced or persistent they are. New analytics, innovation and a systematic approach to security are necessary.

A new way to think about security:

  • Intelligence is the new defense – it helps prevent threats faster and make more informed decisions. IBM Security helps clients gain valuable Intelligence through a common and intuitive view that combines deep analytics with real-time security intelligence.
  • Integration is the new foundation – it puts security in context and automates protection. IBM Security helps clients create an Integrated security foundation through unifying existing tools and infrastructures with new forms of defense in order to reduce complexity and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture
  • Expertise is the new focus – it is essential to leverage global knowledge and experience to stay ahead. IBM Security helps clients achieve Expertise through a more proactive and trusted source of truth in order to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks

IBM offers a deep enterprise security portfolio customized to your company’s needs. Unmatched in ability to help you disrupt new threats, deploy security innovations and reduce the cost and complexity of IT security, IBM can safeguard your most critical data from compromise.