Networking & Security

Networking and Security

NSX - The network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Introduction to NSX

vRealize Network Insight - Intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security delivery

vRealize Network Insight Overview

  • Micro-segmentation Planning, Deployment and Compliance

    Plan and measure security impact with micro-segmentation;
    Accelerate micro-segmentation deployment with firewall rules recommendations;
    Continuously monitor and audit compliance postures over time

  • Manage and Scale NSX Deployments

    Scale across multiple NSX Managers with powerful visualizations for topology and health;
    Avoid configuration issues through an in-product best practices checklist;
    Pinpoint and triage issues for quick resolution with intuitive UI and natural language search

  • 360 Network Visibility and Troubleshooting

    Quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues between VMs through powerful path visualization;
    Effectively manage events, alerts and problems to rapidly solve issues;
    Unify troubleshooting experience across the virtual and physical infrastructure

  • Manage Security for Public Clouds

    Extend micro-segmentation planning to AWS constructs;
    Analyze traffic flows in AWS and get visibility into AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC);
    Troubleshoot firewall issues between VMs in AWS