IBM Mobile supports all of your mobile needs

CIOs often struggle to bring their employees better tools that provide easy access to insights across systems and increase productivity. But now everyone can become a knowledge worker when IBM brings you the solutions to combine the power of enterprise data and analytics with an elegant user experience from Apple. We can help fundamentally redefine your enterprise and empower your staff to interact, learn, connect, and perform in a mobile world.

IBM Mobile enterprise solutions provide a complete environment to develop apps designed specifically for mobile users. Interactions can be personalized based on data, processed with added security across touchpoints, and delivered in an elegant user experience.

IBM Mobile can help you become a mobile enterprise:

  • Build in more flexibility. Increase capabilities and access rather than restrict them.
  • Better manage security in the face of shadow IT. Become the trusted advisor who can seamlessly deliver security without impacting usability.
  • Provide easier and more intuitive mobile experiences that delight employees and customers.
  • Accelerate new technology adoption while overcoming talent gaps.

IBM Bluemix offers solutions and services built to enable you to accelerate and optimize mobile app development. The Bluemix Developer Console empowers you to quickly architect, prototype and bring apps to market within hours or days rather than weeks or months. With Bluemix Mobile Services, you can use enterprise-proven mobile capabilities to answer competitive challenges and exploit market trends.

Bluemix gives you the flexibility to choose from the latest cloud architectures and languages. Build your app and extend its capabilities with engaging and powerful services and data such as Watson, Internet of Things Platform, Weather Company data and more. Extend your mobile app to the web with web-enabled services like App ID and Push Notifications.