NDB Ltd. is Leader on the Bulgarian IT Distribution Market

with more than 22 years experience with the leading IT technologies.

The business operations of NDB Ltd. started with its establishment as NDB Informix Technology Center in 1995. After the acquisition of Informix by IBM, NDB was recognized as trusted partner for distributing the whole software portfolio of IBM. In 2001 NDB started as the only IBM SW VAD for Bulgaria.

In all these years NDB has accumulated considerable know-how and experience in the software brands and solutions of IBM, VMware, Veeam, Citrix and RedHat; IBM SW strategy; BP programs; Operations; Channel and business development.

NDB is well known on the Bulgarian Market as a VAD who is committed to each of its partners and provides additional value through the comprehensive business development and networking activities which gives NDB a unique position on Bulgarian IT market.

NDB hosts and manages IBM Technical Exploration Center (TEC), IBM Cloud labs and is one of the first VMware and Veeam Authorized Training Centers in Bulgaria. Thus, training, education, technical support, know-how and insight are offered for both current and new resellers and customers.

Over the years NDB has established trusted partnership with top business partners, specialized in different solutions, industries and vendors. A growing number of resellers continue to put their trust in NDB to deliver a seamless, engaging and rewarding partnership.

Resellers can expect to benefit from a variety of quality services including:

  • Focusing on solution selling business
  • Demand generation activities
  • Pre-and post-sales support
  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Technical support
  • Financial flexibility
  • Training and education
  • Logistics services
  • Marketing and channel development services
  • Professional services and consultation
  • Enablement services

The world’s leading IT vendors see our company as a representative of their brand and products on the local market and rely on us to grow and develop the reseller channel.

NDB has gained their trust through establishing cost-effective order management, product delivery and credit management, also from taking advantage of our professional marketing capability to deliver effective demand generation programs, driving sales profit timely, steadily and in line with each vendor policies.